Blue Star Connection

November 16th

Noveber 14th of 2010, Jon Catt held a Blue Star Connection event at Knucklehead’s Saloon in Kansas City, MO and it was a complete success. The Blue Star Connection is a charity working to get musical instruments to children fighting illnesses. The charity event raised over $9,000 just on that Sunday alone.

In front of the stage were a bunch of newly purchased instruments that were going directly to Oklahoma City Children’s Hospital the next morning. Two people gave guitars and there was even a nice piano donated. Lazy Dave won the guitar raffle winning a Stratocaster signed by all kinds of blues artists and put it BACK up for auction to raise more money! Kudos to Lazy Dave! This charity is really on the move!

Samantha Fish performed with her band and was really on fire that evening just returning from Germany working with her new label RUF Records.

Madalyn steals the show

Trampled Under Foot did a set along with special guest Jimmy Hall from the Wet Willie Band. The show was great and we played all night long playing TUF songs, and backing up Jimmy Hall. Great fun, but little did we know, Jon Catt had six harmonicas and was passing them out during the last song. He gave one to Frank, and some other folks. Down to his last one, he gave it to Madalyn, Three years old!, my daughter, and she opened the case, pulled out the harp and ran on stage! She jammed with us all the way until the end of the show. Sam, Nick, Kris, Danielle, Jimmy and Madalyn were getting down! She was performing well with Jimmy Hall and the two of them really put on a show! We’ll never forget this one! What a great way to end a benefit for children, having a child really steal the show!

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