TUF’s first trip to Switzerland

September 20th

TUF’s first trip to Switzerland August 2010
written by Nick Schnebelen

It has been a busy summer for Trampled Under Foot. Our last overseas trip to Norway was less that five weeks ago and we were privileged to play at the Mile High Blues festival in Denver, Colorado August 8Th- just a few weeks ago. Now we were off for the Sierre Bluesfest in Sierre, Switzerland. Travel was easy and we made it to Zurich, Switzerland airport where we met Pedro, one of the drivers for the festival. He would be a good friend to us during our entire stay.

It’s a three hour car ride to Zurich to Sierre and we saw the Swiss Alps immidiately. We passed through a town called Gruyere which is famous for Gruyere cheese. There were vineyards everywhere covering the countryside surrounded by the Swiss Alps.

We made it to Sierre and went right to a bed and breakfast called Villa De Bayard. It’s owned by a wonderful couple. The husband grew up at the home and turned it into a bed and breakfast. It was really nice, artsy and really had it’s own happy charm. The small staff was tremendous.

Sierre is in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Just a few miles away is the language border where they speak Italian! Cafes are everywhere and there is a healthy mix of the old and new worlds.

The day we arrive to Sierre is also or first performance on the Mainstage. We got to the stage and saw Davina and the Vagabonds; a great band from Minnesota. Check them out! Our show was great and we had a wonderful reception from the audience. Just like in Suwalki, we opened for Canned Heat, they were great.

The next day, we decided to go out and sight see instead of recuperating from jet-lag. Our friend Pedro took us to the city of Sion. We visited Tourbillion Castle. It is situated on a hill in Sion and faces the Basiliquede Valère, located on an opposite hill. The Castle is just ruins now but was still cool to walk through.

That evening we saw Rick Estrin and the Nightcats. They are awesome! We bump into them quite often! We just played a festival with them in Colorado three weeks ago. They are great people! Jay, Lorenzo, Kid Anderson and Rick Estrin are an awesome group.

We had quite a few interviews with magazines from all over Europe which is really exciting because that means the TUF word is spreading!

VERY early Sunday morning we took a shuttle back to the airport and started the Journey home. On the way, we saw a bunch of castles, kept and unkempt, tucked on corners of mountains or on top of a hill.   Anywhere it seemed there should be a castle, there was.  This sure has been a busy summer for TUF, but we are having so much fun! We are having fun sharing it with you as well!

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  1. Matt Sande

    Nice going to try and catch you across the pond next year!!!


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