Kickstarter Update 4

November 22nd

Unbelievable – we did it!! Let’s not take our foot off the pedal now. The more pledges we get over these next 2 weeks, the more great stuff we’ll be able to do around the release of the album. Now that we’ve raised enough money to cover the basics of recording/mixing/manufacturing – everything we raise now will go towards marketing and promotion for the album. We have some great ideas for music videos, art, and various ways to present and share the music we’re working on. We’re so proud of our friends and fans for stepping up and believing in what we are doing!

**Pledge Update: We’ve heard from several folks asking if it’s possible to make a pledge for more than one item. Since Kickstarter doesn’t allow for 2+ options to be selected, please pledge the amount of the combined total of the 2+ items you want on the highest cost item and send us an email to confirm your selections at

Note from Danielle: I am so excited that we hit our goal this morning. You all made this happen and we are eternally grateful; it’s such an amazing thing that we’re doing this together. I’ve never been humbled so many times as when I think of the support that’s been generated through this Kickstarter campaign by our friends, family and fans. My dream has always been to just play music, but equally important for us is to remain close to the people that help make it possible; it’s a necessity for us to help stay grounded.

There are so many musicians out there who haven’t been blessed with the amazing opportunities we have, and it is truly a privilege that I’m not taking lightly. Your generous pledges have given us the chance to record and release the music that we’re working very hard to create. A simple ‘Thank You’ will never be enough, but I’ll say it anyway, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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