Kickstarter Update

November 8th

Incredible! We’re less than 2 weeks in to our campaign and we’re already over 60% of our goal! THANK YOU so much to every one that has already pledged and supported our vision for making the new record.

We’re all recovered from the Rhythm & Blues Cruise and we had such a blast making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. There were so many amazing bands on board and we had tons of fun getting to jam with some of the greatest around! Definitely an Abundance of inspiration!

Now off to pre-production for the new album! We’ve been working with Tony Braunagel all week and we’re anxious to go in the studio later this month and start recording. Thank you so much to everyone who have already pledged, it means the world that so many of you believe in us!!

Danielle/Nick/Kris – TUF

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