Trampled Under Foot

Trampled Under Foot


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Badlands, released in July of 2013

  1. Bad Bad Feeling
  2. Dark of the Night
  3. Don't Want No Woman
  4. Mary
  5. Badlands
  6. You Never Really Loved Me
  7. Pain In My Mind
  8. I Didn't Try
  9. Desperate Heart
  10. Down To The River
  11. Home To You
  12. Two Go Down
  13. It's A Man's World

Wrong Side of the Blues

Wrong Side of the Blues, released in April of 2011, produced by Tony Braunagel featuring guest spots by Kim Wilson, Johnny Lee Schell and Mike Finnigan.

  1. Get it Straight
  2. Bad Woman Blues
  3. Wrong Side of the Blues
  4. She's Long, She's Tall, She's Gone
  5. Goodbye
  6. Heart On The Line
  7. The Fool
  8. Have A Real Good Time
  9. Just Tell Yourself
  10. Evil Train
  11. It Would Be Nice
  12. The Better Life

Live at Notodden
Blues Festival

Notodden is the largest blues festival in all of Scandanavia. Notodden Blues Festival began in 1988 and is kept in high regard all over Europe. Any European or American blues aficionado knows about the Notodden Blues Festival.

Being one of the largest blues festivals in all of Europe, this would be a pretty big first impression for us to make. There were 50+ bands performing over four days. We would get to meet all kinds of blues artists from all over the world.

  1. Love My Baby
  2. Jonny Cheat
  3. May I Be Excused
  4. You’re Too Big To Carry
  5. Mean Old Town
  6. Fog
  7. No! I Ain’t Gonna Let You Go

May I Be Excused

This album includes TUF’s award-winning IBC set that sat Memphis on fire in 2008, released in 2008.

  1. Fog
  2. Jonny Cheat
  3. Love My Baby
  4. You’re Too Big to Carry
  5. May I Be Excused
  6. Waiting On The Line
  7. My Fault To Stay
  8. Have I Ever Told You
  9. Hot Headed Woman
  10. You Call That Love
  11. Mississippi River
  12. Comin’ Home To You

The Philadelphia Sessions

Featuring some old TUF favorites, released in 2007

  1. Virginia Creeper
  2. Something’ Ain’t Right
  3. Hot Headed Woman
  4. I Just Wanna’ Dance
  5. It’s So Hard to Believe
  6. I Gotta Go