Livin’ The Blues With Trampled Under Foot. A true family affair, Schnebelen’s sister Danielle sings and plays bass as well as electric six-string while brother Kris keeps the beat. Like the blues greats that came before them, the members of Trampled Under Foot deliver something new to audiences while they brew up a sound that sound harkens back to the genre’s legends from years past. Link

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Badlands is a very impressive album for the Schnebelen family, otherwise known as Trampled Under Foot. They make it clear that we all should have heard of them well before this, and that they have much to offer. With 13 tracks clocking in at just under 56 minutes, Badlands has something that should impress each and every one of us. Best check out Trampled Under Foot now, or succumb to being the one told about them later. Link


The brothers-and-sister trio might be set up for some sibling rivalry, though, because as tight as they are as musicians, Danielle Schnebelen’s vocals provide the album’s highlights, and not just on their James Brown cover. link

Bass With a Voice: An Interview With Danielle Schnebelen, link

All the work, touring, and just honing their chops is readily apparent on Badlands. Take this for a spin. You will be glad you did!

Blues Revue

Powerful and electric, this is the CD to beat for anying in the running for Best Blues Album of the Year.

Blues Blast Magazine

This recording has it all – two great singers, a strong batch of original tunes and fine instrumental work.Their exciting live shows have created a loyal fan base. This release will continue to spread the word about this exceptional band – and is heartily recommended !!

Vintage Guitar Magazine

This trio of siblings offers a blues tour de force. Great vocals, nasty playing, and fine tunes (including one written by their dad, a fixture on the Kansas City blues scene) point to continuing the family tradition.

The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise

The trio – siblings Danielle, Kris and Nick Schnebelen have become one of the blue circuit’s hottest bands since winning the 2008 International Blues Challenger.

Chicago Blues Guide

Winners of the 2008 IBC, with Nick also winning the Albert King award for best guitarist, Trampled Under Foot continue to be a blues favorite headliner.


One thing that is certain is that Wrong Side of the Blues is a worthwhile effort from a young and talented group of musicians that have a very bright future ahead of them.

Comprising Schnebelen siblings Nick (guitar), Danielle (bass), and Kris (drums), this Kansas City blues family affair is on anything but the wrong side of the blues on their Vizztone debut. All three sing, but the trio soars highest when li’l sis Danielle takes the mic. Brother Nick’s guitar work strikes just the right balance of fire and restraint throughout.

Cascade Blues Society

If you’ve been curious about TUF in the past, or just a fan who has been patiently awaiting that album that can possibly bring them over the top, you need not wait any longer. Wrong Side of the Blues is what you want to hear. This one is more than highly recommended. It is simply something not to pass up.

The Alternate Root

Trampled Under Foot can boast not one but two Soul force singers with sister/brother Danielle (bass) and Nick (guitar) Schnebelen. The pair add in brother Kris on drums, making Schnebelen music a family affair for their business.

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

These Kansas City, MO, siblings are one of the most dynamic acts performing on the blues circuit, or any circuit around for that matter…Give a listen to James Brown’s, ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,’ and you’ll be shaking your head as you hit repeat and say, ‘God Damn! That had shades of Etta James or maybe KoKo Taylor all over it.’ It is that good—and catch them if they are in your area, they are worth it. Link

Badlands is indeed a journey – a badass, rip roaring romp with the blues. What could be better than that? link

Bass Musician Magazine

Interview with Danielle Schnebelen at

Full Time Blues

This record (Wrong Side) is incredibly diverse, and spotlights one of the great young acts carrying the torch for this music proudly – and doing a great job of it, as well.

Midwest Record

This set blows you over right out of the box and is feisty enough not to let you up.

Boston Blues Society

The sound is somehow larger and more expansive than appears on the surface. If the Schnebelen family coat of arms does in fact turn out to be a Stratocaster and a Les Paul crossed, then Trampled Under Foot has certainly done their progenitors proud with Wrong Side of the Blues.

Blues Bytes

This is an outstanding disc from Trampled Under Foot and definitely a treat this early in the year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this disc heavily considered for some Blues Music Awards in next year’s voting. Well done, Nick, Kris and Danielle!

Acoustic Music Exchange

The sound (of Wrong Side of the Blues) fills the room, denting the walls with soulful intensity.

American Blues Scene

The dynamic family band delivers the soul-filled original “Fog”. Danielle’s vocals are smooth, deep and incredible. It’s no surprise TUF was 2008′s IBC winner.

Sunday Night Blues

This disc (Wrong Side) shows that the blues do have a long and exciting future ahead. Get this band into your collection and enjoy the ride.

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