Best Apple Peelers Reviews For 2020

Apple peelers come in really handy. You wouldn’t realize the importance of having them unless you start using one. Apples are one of the healthiest foods to snack on instead of chips. If time consuming peeling is what deters you from snacking on it, then you must consider investing in a good apple peeler.

An apple peeler can save a lot of time while you are in a hurry to pack your lunch. It brings out consistency in your cooking and can make your life a lot easier. There are numerous varieties of apple peelers available in the market. Apple corers can help you remove pips and core of your apple as well.

The best thing about an apple peeler is that it can help you peel other fruits and vegetables apart from apples. If you want to focus on core aspects of cooking instead of peeling fruits and vegetables, then you must consider investing in an apple peeler. Many peelers also help in coring, carving and slicing apples to the desired thickness.

If you are looking for little help in your kitchen while crafting your favorite delicacies, then you must certainly go for an apple peeler. In this review, we have reviewed the best apple peelers available in the market after studying the vital factors to consider before buying the best apple peeler available in the market.

1. Victorio Kitchen Products VKP1010 Victorio Apple Peeler

Highlighted Features
Sturdy and heavy cast iron body imparts durability and performance to the peeler
Comprehensive 5-year warranty covers the coring and slicing blade
Sharp cutting edges offered by high quality stainless steel
Can peel, core and slice
Sturdy designing
Victorio’s apple peeler promises solid construction, stainless steel blades and cast iron body to its users. What we love about this peeler is that it is backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. This model features a suction base and can be placed only on flat and dry surfaces. It slices as well as cores apple within fifteen seconds. The best thing is that it is easy to clean. If you intend to use it on other fruits and vegetables, then you would be utterly disappointed.

Victorio Johnny Apple Peeler works perfectly only with medium, small and round apples. It becomes difficult to peel soft and large apples while using this apple peeler. This set will last for a lifetime. The stainless steel coring blade removes the core and the slicing blade offers slices that are ¼” thick. The suction base adheres to smooth and non-porous surfaces. You need to secure it on a cooking sheet for easy clean up.

The peeling blade is adjustable and you can set it as per your convenience. The sturdy cast iron body is what prolongs the life of this peeler. You can make shoestring like potatoes as well with his peeler.

Features a solid construction
The users can easily adjust peeler tension
Easy to clean
Comes with a warranty
Offers ¼” slices of apple perfect for most recipes
Wouldn’t work on soft or big apples
Hard to assemble
Difficult to adjust
Doesn’t offer satisfactory results with potatoes and other fruits and vegetables

2. OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Highlighted Features
Features swiveling twin blades to easily peel apple, potatoes and other tough-skinned fruits and vegetables
Oversized soft handle ensures repetitive strokes
Comes with a built-in eye remover
Large hole ensures easy storage
Is dishwasher safe
Backed by OXO guarantee
OXO Good Grips peeler is just perfect for tough skinned vegetables and fruits. The twin stainless steel blades flex easily for removing large swaths of skin in a single stroke. The oversized and comfortable handle ensures repetitive and fast use even while wet. OXO peeler comes with a built-in eye remover. It carves out blemishes without damaging the produce. The peeler features a hole in the handle for simple storage. The best thing is that this peeler is dishwasher safe as well.

If you are looking for highest level of flexibility, then you must go with OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler. This peeler has been designed keeping quality and user-friendliness on mind. The makers have extensively studied the design to offer the best shape and use the best material in their product.

OXO peeler promises a great grip and maximum control to the users. It is evident from the ergonomically designed handle which is of elliptical shape. The fins present on either side of the handles help you work for an extended time period by absorbing pressure.

The durable rubberized material of the handle ensures good grip even while managing the peeler with wet hands. The hole in the handle ensures that this peeler can be hanged easily for easy storage.

Ergonomic handle design offers maximum comfort during usage
Offers secure grip even while managing with wet hands
Hole present in the handle can be used for hanging it
Features sharp stainless steel blades
Light, small and portable
Easy to work with
Can be cleaned easily
Does not core or slice apples
All the work has to be done manually

3. Kuhn Rikon Translucent Peeler

Highlighted Features
Handy set of three peelers available in translucent colors
Features ultra-sharp carbon steel blades
Cuts better than other peelers
Remains sharp for a long time
If you want to peel fruits and vegetables effortlessly, then you must consider investing in Kuhn Rikon translucent peeler. This little tool peels better than other peelers available in the market. The ultra-sharp performance comes at a price.

Kuhn Rikon Translucent Peeler is one of the must-have kitchen tools for peeling apples. This peeler is easy to clean and can be easily replaced when the blade wears down. What is amazing about this kitchen tool is that it is quite fast. Although slightly expensive than other peelers, the Kuhn Rikon Translucent Peeler delivers exceptional performance.

It comes with a translucent handle and is also a bit curvier. The ultra-sharp handle remains sharp for a longer time. It just accomplished the task effortlessly and quickly.

Is ergonomically designed
Features a convenient potato eye remover
Delivers exceptional performance
Works better than other peelers available in the market
Dishwashing is not recommended to prevent rusting
Is slightly expensive

4. Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler

Highlighted Features
Features a compact design and a stylish color
Saves counter space
Body has been designed from durable ABS plastic
The base is slip resistant
Bottom compartment stores spare blades
Starfrit is a popular offering featuring a modern design and color. This product features a vertical design and is a compact tool. It consumes minimal amount of space on kitchen counter. Starfrit 93209 electric peeler features a compartment in the bottom which permits you to store thumb knife and extra blades. This ensures easy access and prevents misplacing the essentials.

The body of Starfrit 93209 Electric peeler- Rotato Express has been made from ABS plastic. It is durable when compared to other peelers featuring a metallic body. If you are looking for a peeler that would not rust with time, then you must opt for this design.

The base is slip resistant. This implies that you can use this peeler on your kitchen table without having to bother about slipping. The spikes in the peeler offer a secure and firm hold to the user. Not having to touch the peeler during the process also eliminates the risk of contamination and accidental cuts.

The arm of the peeler is robotized. The interesting feature that we found in this peeler is that the device turns off automatically once the fruit has been peeled entirely. This ensures that you won’t have to stand guard while the peeler is doing its task.

No need to hold the apple while peeling
Can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth
Can be used for peeling fruits and vegetables apart from apples
Peeler is easy to operate and automated
Is a portable tool as there is provision for using batteries along with AC power supply
Lacks space for collection of peeled skin of fruits
All parts cannot be washed thoroughly as the device runs on electricity
The bottom and top parts of the apple have to be removed manually
The machine is slightly noisy
Body is made from plastic and may not be sturdier like a metallic body

5. Spiralizer Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler

Highlighted Features
Forged from die cast magnesium that is ultra-strong
Greater strength and stability
Features chrome plated winding rod that is also rust proof
3 prong extension comes with a safety cover
Is easy to use
Excellent peeler for those suffering from arthritis
Vacuum rubber holds on to the tabletop easily
If you desire top-notch quality apple peelers, then the Spiralizer Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler can prove to be a great option. Many users make use of apple peelers only while making jams, applesauce and pies. This need not be the case.

The Spiralizer Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler accomplishes lot more than just apple peeling. It promises consistency and quick peeling. This peeler is durable and is made from heavy-duty materials. Spiralizer peeler promises stellar performance and durability. The body is made of cast magnesium that has higher strength and durability. The winding rod features rust proof chrome. The stainless steel blade imparts durability to the peeler.

The vacuum base of this peeler is suitable for elderly users as they do not have to exert strength in order to hold the device firmly. The best thing about this product is that it can remove the apple’s core as well apart from peeling and slicing apples.

Versatile design
Cores, slices and peels not just apple but also potatoes, fruits and vegetables
Friendly customer support service
Rust resistant and durable
Removes peels, slices and cores simultaneously
Suitable for heavy duty purposes
Has sharp metallic spikes and hence needs to be handled carefully
The metallic parts are heavy
Turning the handle demands more strength

6. Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler

Highlighted Features
Features suction grip feet for additional stability
Comes with bonus corer slicer
Spring loaded arm makes it suitable of ruse with varieties of apples of different shapes
Peels the skin of the apple and not the fruit
Easy and quick to use
Comes with two blades, instruction and recipe booklets
The Starfrit 93013 apple peeler is a great option for those looking for an efficient and quick nonelectric apple peeler. Despite being a manual peeler, you need not have to hold the apple while peeling it. All you have to do is to secure the apple on the peeler firmly and turn the handle.

What we love about this peeler is that it is wide when compared to other peelers available in the market. This implies that the apple gets peeled quickly and has a smoother surface. There is also less mess created when you opt for this apple peeler.

You would be surprised to know that this apple peeler also comes with a core slicer as a bonus. You do not have to bother about the machine slipping as the makers have taken special care of inserting suction grip feet.

Blade is secured with plastic protectors
Both spike holder and blades are made of stainless steel
Suction grip promises utmost stability
Peels effortlessly with making a mess
Easy to clean
Body is made from transparent plastic and looks toy-like

7. Kitchen Basics Heavy Duty Apple Peeler

Highlighted Features
Heavy duty peeler of professional grade
Promises years of trouble-free usage
Safe and simple to use
Peels, slices and cores not just apples but also pears and potatoes in no time
Made of strong metal
Features precision stainless steel blades
This is a popular heavy duty apple peeler that has been designed with rust resistant metal parts and is highly durable. It can core, peel and slice your apple simultaneously. It saves a great deal of time and also offers flexibility to the users by simply adjusting the parts.

What is interesting about this apple peeler is that it doesn’t create a mess as you can collect all the peels in a bowl or any collector at the end of the peeler. The quality of this professional grade peeler is outstanding. The high precision stainless steel blade used in this peeler would appeal to all apple connoisseurs.

This tool promises high consistency while slicing and peeling the apples. The suction rubber prevents slipping of the peeler and secures it to the table surface. The metal spikes are covered by the plastic protective cap for ensuring safety.

Promises durability and professional grade performance
Rubber suction base secures the peeler in place
Protective plastic cap covers metal spikes for added safety
Can core, slice and peel at the same time
Can be cleaned easily.
Offers just one kind of slicing
You need to manually make adjustments while using this peeler

8. Vremi Apple Peeler

Highlighted Features
Comes in cast iron peeling stand
Features vacuum suction at the base
Features thin metal side clamp for securing the machine to your table or counter top
Ideal for large batch preparation
Features sturdy stainless steel blades and easy rotating handle
Creates cool spiral shapes while preparing snacks for kids
You can rely on Vremi Apple Peeler if you are looking for a professional grade apple peeler. This peeler can core, slice and peel at the same time. Its body has been designed from cast iron thereby offering great durability to the users. Vremi Apple Peeler can withstand heavy duty processing with much ease whether you are using the device for making applesauce or tart.

You just need to position the apple securely between the metal forks on the device and hand crank. The handle has a smooth finish which makes it comfortable to hold. This tool can help you spiral slice your apples which the children would find attractive. This product offers you plenty of options when it comes to different color combinations for matching your kitchen interiors.

The rubber suction at the base offers a secure grip to the user. This prevents slipping of the peeler while in use. A minor addition of protective cap over the metal spikes is something that we cannot ignore and not appreciate. The sharp edge gets covered with the cap and prevents accidental injuries during usage.

Much more efficient and fun than a knife chopper or any other handheld kitchen gadget
Easy to clean
BPA free materials used for designing this peeler
Cast iron body makes it durable
Easy to operate
Can slice, core and peel at the same time
Slices in spiral shape
Has pointy and sharp edges
Cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Apple Peeler

If you are looking for nothing but the best, then there are a lot of factors that you need to consider in order to identify the performance that a tool would deliver to you. Considering these key qualities will help you find the best possible options available in the market.

While looking for an apple peeler, the first and foremost thing that you must consider is whether the peeler been designed to sit on a flat surface or not. Such peelers usually have a flat surface and are bigger. These come with handles for cranking manually. These have been designed for ensuring heavy-duty functions such as coring and slicing.

You should also look whether the peeler is offering a firm grip during the process or not. If you want to prevent exerting pressure on the peeler during usage then you need to opt for rubber suction peelers. This will ensure proper functioning of the tool. Stability is assured by rubber suction peelers as they do not slip while in use.

If you are a professional working with many chefs, then you need to look for multiple handheld devices that promise more flexibility. The next thing you need to consider is whether a peeler model is manual or electric.

Apple peelers are usually manual tools. However, the electric variants are gaining popularity these days. Electric peelers require less time and demand less effort. These can also multitask. You need to check whether a particular model runs on batteries or requires AC supply. This will help you determine the portability aspect of the peeler.

Electrical peelers require more care while cleaning. You cannot clean them in a dishwasher and have to clean them manually. The countertop manual apple peelers do not require you to hold the apple while peeling and slicing. You just have to position the fruit on the spot mentioned in the instruction manual and just turn the handle.

The handheld models demand more attention. However, these offer you much freedom in how you wish your apples to be peeled. These are light and portable as opposed to the countertop ones.

Another important aspect that you must consider is the function offered by the device apart from peeling. Apple peelers can perform more tasks apart from just peeling. Many peelers core as well as slice the apples as per the convenience of the users. Countertop peelers can perform all three tasks simultaneously.

By following the key factors mentioned in this review while purchasing an apple peeler, you can find a perfect fit for your kitchen that can accomplish a lot more than what is promised.

We have carried out a thorough research of the best apple peelers available in the market. This vital information can help you make an informed decision if you have a clear idea about what you want in your kitchen. We have listed top 8 popular products under the apple peelers category.

You can go through the descriptions and study the pros and cons in detail to identify which model would prove to be a perfect fit for your kitchen. This review offers you a clear idea of the kind of products available in the market for processing your apples.

You should never ever ignore the factors to consider regarding apple peelers. These will help you assess your specific needs and will help you invest in a perfect device for your kitchen that is going to make your life a lot easier. Choosing a perfect peeler will also help you save your precious time and efforts.

This comprehensive review has been offered after studying all the vital factors to consider before buying the best apple peeler available in the market. This will equip you to make the right choice while shortlisting the model perfect for your kitchen needs.

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