Best Egg Slicers Review for 2020

You may not have an egg slicer in your drawer right now. Many people continue to use a knife to cut their boiled eggs, not knowing what a great convenience can be offered by an egg slicing device. Once you are done with this article, you can make an informed decision about the best egg slicer to prepare eggs for all your favorite dishes.

Egg slicers come in a variety of designs meant to produce several, thin, even slices of egg for salads, sandwiches, and even fancy bento lunches. You can also use them to dice your eggs for tuna and egg salad. Some even have a built-in egg piercer and separate wires for cutting the egg in wedge shapes. It is important to find one that cuts all the way through for nice presentation and easy cleanup. Wires can also break easily on some models. This article addresses the best features of several egg slicers and presents the pros and cons of each one for you.

1. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Wire Egg Slicer

Highlighted Features
Quality stainless steel wires
Nice size for easy storage
Slices eggs in any direction for the desired presentation
This egg slicer is made by a German company known for its quality merchandise. They have been in business for over 50 years. This slicer fits nicely in a drawer when not in use and the stainless-steel wires resist rust. You can expect to get years of use out of this durable product. Efficiency is a key attribute, as you can quickly slice eggs in round or oblong slices. You can cut them both ways to make small pieces for a salad, as well.

Simple, easy to use
Durable, long-lasting
Can be used on a variety of foods
Aluminum coating can peel off
Wires can come loose or get bent over time

2. OXO 1271080 1271080V1 Egg Slicer

Highlighted Features
Handle is raised to make it easy to open and close
Accommodates eggs in either direction
Base resists slipping for stable slicing
For fast and easy slicing, this is the egg slicer to choose. Its thoughtful design makes it easy to hold it over a dish while slicing. Slice eggs directly onto your salad with ease. You can slice your egg in either direction and get even 5mm slices. Throw this item on the top rack of your dishwasher for a no fuss clean-up, as well.

Easy to clean, just put on the top rack of your dishwasher
Large holding area fits all sizes of eggs
Thin, even slices
Not strong enough for many other foods
Delicate, breaks easily
May not slice extra-large eggs all the way through

3. Norpro (989) Egg Slicer, Wedger, Pierce with Garnish Tool

Highlighted Features
Makes 10 even slices or 6 wedges
Extra tools come with the slicer
Choose from traditional slices, wedges, or garnish style
Locked position to make piercing tool safer
Stainless steel wire for cutting the egg
This product is more than just an egg slicer. You can get the perfect egg form the start when you use the piercing tool to poke a small hole in eggs before you boil them. This is a dual slicer with one side meant for traditional slices and the other meant for wedges. A special tool allows you to cut your egg into a decorative shape to garnish a fancy dish for a party, as well. Use this slicer for a variety of other food items, such as mushrooms and soft fruits.

Can be used for different food items
Different slicing options
Extra tools
Extra lipping on the top of the slicer minimizes risk of injury to fingers
Easy to use
Must hand wash for best results, food can get stuck in the slicer
Egg piercer can poke you if you are not aware of it, lock can come undone
Can mush edges of the egg if not placed properly

4. Good Cook 13545 Egg Slicer Tool

Highlighted Features
Uniform egg slices
Non-slip for steady cutting
Stainless steel cutting wires
Built to hold egg still for slicing
Easy to clean plastic
This egg slicer puts the simplicity back in your kitchen. It accomplishes its designated task and is easy to clean and store when you are done. The stainless-steel wires make precise cuts, so you have even egg slices for your salad or sandwich. With a quick hand wash, this slicer is fresh and ready for the next use.

Stays still while slicing
Even slices every time
Fits nicely into a kitchen drawer
Not as long lasting as others, fragile
Possibility of rust on wires
Wires can loosen after minimal use

5. New Star 42634 Heavy Duty Egg Slicer with 3 Slicing styles

Highlighted Features
cuts eggs, as well as some fruits and vegetables
3 slicing choices- horizontal, vertical, and wedged
Small enough to stash in drawer
Sturdy construction
This egg slicer satisfies the need for easy storage and gives you choices. You can achieve the common slices seen on salads or make wedges for decorating your meals. The slicer is made from a variety of materials, including silicone and nylon for the base. Stainless steal wires are a sturdy cutting choice and are framed by a zinc alloy. Cut eggs in either direction for the perfect sized garnish on your meal.

Quality stainless steel wires for precise cuts
Easy to clean if you don’t let it sit with egg on it too long
Three slicing choices
Wires come loose easily
Larger eggs don’t slice all the way through
Fruits and veggies cause too much stress on wires

6. Gourmia GCU9265 Egg Slicer & Wedger Features Stainless Steel Blades

Highlighted Features
Easy to clean, just toss it in the dishwasher
Easy to store in small spaces
BPA free, ABS plastic for safety and durability
2 different types of slices to choose from, simply turn egg for dicing
Stainless steel wires resist rust
This all-in-one egg slicer has a space for making round slices and a space for wedges. You can easily plan for your own meal or entertain your friends with a beautiful dish. Stainless steel wires contribute to a clean cut every time. The plastic on this model is BPA free, making it a safe option for your family.

Handles large eggs well
Thin wires make precision cuts
Not good for mushrooms or other fruits and veggies because of thin wires
Wires can break or bend

7. Prepworks by Progressive Compact Egg Slicer

Highlighted Features
Dishwasher safe
Stores in small spaces
No-slip design for easy cutting
Choice of 3 different slicing plates for the perfect size and shape
Can also be used on mushrooms and strawberries
This egg slicer packs a lot of choices into a small item. You can use the right tool for each slicing job. Whether you want slices or halves, everything you need is included. You can even use the tools to slice soft fruits and vegetables. Mushrooms and strawberries can be sliced in seconds for your salads. Three different slicer plates are included and stack for easy storage. Made by a 40-year-old company, plenty of research has gone into this design.

Space saving
Removable slicing plates for easy use with each one
Simply toss in dishwasher
Wires can come loose
Needs to be stored safely to avoid damage from other items in your cabinet (nothing on top of it)

8. JapanBargain Japanese Stainless-Steel Egg Slicer Cutter #7527

Highlighted Features
Rust resistant stainless steal
Small enough to store in a drawer
Designed to help with beautiful bento boxes
The Japanese are known for their artistic lunches placed in bento boxes. This slicer comes from Japan where precision cutting is a priority for their beautiful bento lunches. This slicer is a great option for those that want simplicity. There are no extra parts to lose and it fits into small storage spaces. This stainless-steel model is all one piece and gets the job done without a fuss.

Simple design
Makes even slices for bento design
slices thicker than desired
doesn’t always cut eggs all the way through
wires can come loose

9. ZYLISS Egg Slicer – Non-Slip, Egg Cutter and Wedger with Built in Shell Piercer

Highlighted Features
heavy plastic to resist breaking
stainless steel wires to resist rust
2 options for cutting- slices and wedges
Small size for easy storage
This egg slicer has several features packed into a small device. The egg piercer helps to keep your eggs from cracking when you boil them. Once you have successfully boiled your eggs, get this slicer back out to get your egg ready to eat. Stainless steal wires help you get a precision cut with even slices.

Non-slip feature on the base
Dishwasher safe
5-year warranty
does not cut all the way through
wires can break

10. HIC Harold Import Co. 48021 HIC Deluxe Mushroom and Egg Slicer

Highlighted Features
choice of slicing or dicing
stainless steel wires and zinc alloy body
can be used with mushrooms and strawberries, as well
even slices for beautiful presentation
slip-resistant base
This is an easy to use egg slicer for traditional slices and dicing. You can easily make wedges for your chef salad or dice up an egg or two for your tuna salad. This small kitchen item is easy to store, even if you have a small kitchen. Stainless steel wires allow for precision cuts and help resist rust. This product is also versatile, as it can also cut mushrooms and strawberries.

can cut mushrooms and strawberries, not just eggs
easy to store in a drawer
stainless steel wires resist rust
must be hand washed
doesn’t cut all the way through
rubber feet fall off
wires bend and stretch

Things to Consider Before Buying the Product

It is important to review any item that you plan to spend your hard-earned money on. Kitchen items should be well-made to allow for years of use. when buying an egg slicer, you want to look for durability, easy storage, and easy cleaning. It is also important for the wires to remain intact and hold their shape. An egg slicer should make your life easier, not be a burden when in use.

Delicate, thin wires are necessary to get a precision cut. This makes it hard to find a model with wires that do not break easily or come loose from the body of the product. Check reviews to find out which models have good durability.

A long-lasting product
Wires that cut evenly and at a good width
Warranty with product so you can get a replacement if wires fail
The Body
The body of your egg slicer needs to stay in place while you are using it. A slip resistant base is a great feature for both ease of use and safety. People are often in a hurry in the kitchen and want products that are incredibly easy to use. A stable body on your egg slicer helps you out when you need something done easily.

Rubber on the bottom of the base
Cradle for the egg so it does not roll out of the slicer
Sturdy material
It can be difficult to keep your kitchen tidy when you have a lot of gadgets. A small, one-piece, egg slicer can make it much easier to stay organized. There are no pieces to lose and you can place a small slicer easily in a drawer.

One-piece design
No loose pieces or minimal loose pieces
An egg slicer can be a great addition to your kitchen tool collection. If you enjoy salads and pretty garnishes, you can get a lot of use out of an egg slicer. A slicer makes it easier to make attractive party trays and to pack lunches, as well. You can have a lot of fun in the kitchen with an egg slicer and save time, too.

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