Best Microwave Bacon Cookers Review for 2020

Bacon is one of the most popularly consumed foods around the world. Most of the people prefer having bacon for breakfast. There are numerous ways of cooking bacon. Although many prefer eating it raw, cooking it a bit can alter the taste greatly. The quickest way of cooking bacon is by using a bacon cooker.

If you are planning to invest in a bacon cooker, then you need to find out the best options available in the market. It can be a challenge to find the best bacon cooker because of the numerous options available. Shopping for the best bacon cooker would require you to carry out a thorough research.

You need to understand whether a specific product would live up to your bacon-cooking needs or not. This review highlights the best bacon cookers that you can find in the market. The aim of this review is to help the shoppers pick the best product available in the market today. We have taken into account all the vital factors to consider before buying the best microwave bacon cooker in offing.

1. Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray & Food Defroster

Highlighted Features
Versatile bacon cooker
Multi-utility tray can be used for defrosting, cooking and serving bacon
Specially designed ridges ensure perfect heating
Drain grooves have been provided for removing excess grease
Easy to clean in a dishwasher
The Nordic Ware bacon cooker is a tray style bacon cooker which accommodates bacon slices easily across the ridges. What is unique about this bacon tray is that the ridges are in V-shape. This allows the rendered fat to drain down in a reservoir. The easy to clean bacon pan features a strong durable aluminum base and also comes with a nonstick coated steel rack.

Nordic ware would be an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a simple tray for the sake of cooking bacons. This product can also be used for defrosting any food item. This rectangular tray has a large capacity and can accommodate about six slices with much ease. You can easily cook bacon for a house party with this microwave bacon cooker.

This bacon cooker is dishwasher safe and hence can be cleaned off easily. The tray also doubles as a serve ware while serving hot bacon to your guests. The ergonomic design and the convenience that it offers makes it a worthy purchase.

Is durable and ensures that the entire process is mess-free
Bacon rack is easy to clean
Slanted tray for defrosting and cooking bacon in the microwave
Rectangular in shape and has a large capacity for accommodating multiple bacon slices
The cooking tray also doubles as a serve ware
Difficult to clean by hand because of the grooves
The tray doesn’t fit into standard microwaves

2. Microwave Bacon Cooker by Cameron Products

Highlighted Features
Cooks bacon perfectly in air
Reduces fat in the bacon by up to 35%
Is dishwasher safe
Convenient tray in the set catches fat that can be used later for frying
No fat splashes in the microwave while cooking
Made in USA with specially formulated plastic
Microwave Bacon Cooker from Cameron Products lets you cook bacon to perfection in the air. It is quite simple to use. All you need to do is place the bacon over the bars and microwave. You will get crispy bacon in no time with 35% less fat. This bacon cooker can take up to 18 bacon strips. All you need to do is take care of the placement of the strips.

Cameron Bacon Cooker is convenient and easy to use. It cooks bacon in air and ensures that the bacon is heated evenly without any splatter. The product basically consists of a vertical stand and a deep grease tray that catches the grease dripping from the bacon.

If you want a healthy and crispy piece of bacon strip, then you should consider investing in Cameron Bacon Cooker. The tray offered in the set comes with three heat stands that are detachable. You can use these stands as per your convenience. As the bacon cooker has been designed with high-quality plastic, it is resistant to heat.

The cooker is dishwasher safe which makes it quite convenient to clean. The tray features handles that make it easier to transport the slices of bacon directly to your dinner table from the microwave. As a result, you would not require any extra kitchenware while serving.

The product can also be used as a kitchenware
The stands are detachable and can be cleaned and stored quite conveniently
Specially formulated plastic is heat resistant
Air cooking design lowers fat intake by 35%
Elevation helps in even heat distribution
Doesn’t create much mess while cooking
Leaves bacon dry and tasteless

3. Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray with Splatter Lid

Highlighted Features
Comes with a splatter lid
Cooking time can be easily adjusted for getting the desired crispiness
Drains excess fat and offers healthy bacon strips
Made from BPA-free plastic
Is dishwasher safe
Joie’s bacon tray cooks exceptionally crisp bacon in the microwave without resulting in any messy splatters. If you are looking for kitchen tools that can help you make easy and quick breakfasts and snacks, then you should opt for this bacon cooker.

The elevated ridges within the tray elevate the bacon strips so that the heat distributes evenly throughout while cooking. The fat drips away and collects in a reservoir thereby offering crispier and healthier bacon to the users. Ample cooking space has been provided to accommodate 4-5 bacon strips in a single setting with much ease.

The lid provided along with the tray lowers splattering and thereby ensuring convenient and clean microwave cooking. The carrying handles let you transfer the bacon from microwave to the dining table with much ease.

Is compact and quite easy to store
Grooves in the base lift bacon strips so that the fat can drip down
The lid prevent splattering and keeps your microwave clean after use
Bacon cooks evenly
The recessed handle is easy to lift and grab
Can cook 5 slices of bacon at a time
May be too small for large families
Plastic tends to get too hot and hence oven mitts have to be used while handling the bacon tray

4. Emson 5057C Wave Bacon Cooker

Highlighted Features
Allows you to cooker healthier bacon in no time
Tray can be stacked while cooking
Cooks bacon evenly
The rack allows fat to drip down in a reservoir
Comes with raised racks for permitting the bacon grease to drip down
The Emson 5057C bacon cooker separates the grease from bacon strips without compromising with the flavor. This cooker is stackable and hence permits you to cook 28 strips of bacon at a time. It cooks your bacon evenly and ensures that it is crispier.

This bestselling product has been molded from BPA-free tray and comes with grooved rows. The bacons have to be inserted horizontally into these groves. Plastic skewers can be used for securing bacons in place. Emson 5057C lowers the fat and cholesterol content of the bacon by isolating the unwanted grease from the strips.

This will ensure that you enjoy healthy meals every day. This cooker lets you prepare bacon in no time. You need to set the cooking time to 1 minute per slice in the microwave.

Takes 1 minute to cook a strip completely
Can be easily cleaned within a dishwasher
Makes your bacon healthier
Allows air circulation around the slices
Plastic skewers are flimsy
There is no lid and hence the grease may splatter inside the microwave
Is costly when compared to others brands offering similar features

5. Prep Solutions Progressive Microwave Large Bacon Grill with Vented Cover

Highlighted Features
Cooks 4-6 bacon strips to perfection
Is both easy and fast
Cooking time can be easily adjusted for cooking crispy to chewy bacon
Specially designed to keep the bacon elevated for fat dripping
Vented cover prevents grease splatters
Recessed handle ensures easy removal
If you want to cook delicious bacon fast, easy and to perfection, then you can rely on Prep Solutions Progressive bacon cooker. This cooker can cook 4-6 bacon strips at a time. The cooking time can be adjusted easily for making crispy to chewy bacon as per your taste.

Prep Solutions bacon grill has been designed specially to keep the bacon elevated while cooking so that the fat can drip off leaving healthier and tasty bacon strips for you. The vented cover offered in the set prevents the grease from splattering all across while cooking.

The recessed handle on the cover ensures ease of handling the setup. This grill is perfect for cooking frozen snacks such as patties, sausage links, taquitos, pocket sandwiches and pizza rolls. The best thing about this bacon grill is that it is dishwasher safe and hence easy to clean.

Is multifunctional and can cook frozen snacks such as patties, pizza rolls and taquitos
Is dishwasher safe
Made from BPA free materials
Is easy to clean
Doesn’t cook well
Flimsy design

6. Presto 05100 PowerCrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker

Highlighted Features
The design allows more fat to drip off the bacon and collect in the base
Three-stand up racks cook bacon in a V-shape to offer crispiest bacon
The racks can be stacked and stored easily in the kitchen cabinet
Is easy to use
Built according to North American Electrical Standards
The Presto PowerCrisp bacon cooker comes with three sturdy plastic racks over which the users can drape the bacon strips. The fat drips underneath the racks as the bacon cooks. One thing that the users need to remember about this cooker is that the bacon does not cook straight in this unlike the traditional cookers.

The bacon in Presto Power Crisp cooker cooks into V-shape which lets it slide off the rack with much ease. The bacon strips are cooked with a nice crunch despite not being cooked straight like traditionally fried bacon. This cooker can hold up to 12 bacon slices depending upon the bacon width.

The instructional manual offered along with this bacon cooker recommends cooking the bacon slices for 40-90 second per slice. The trays are made from heavy-duty plastic. The grease pours out of the tray easily. The entire setup is dishwasher safe. Presto Power Crips is one of the least expensive bacon cookers that feature superior construction and design.

Cooks leaner, healthier and lighter than pan fired
Has a large capacity
Wrap around handles ensures easy grasp
Is dishwasher safe
Cooks ten strips of bacon at a time
Square inside corners allow easy disposal of dripping
Doesn’t cook evenly
The racks melt if overheated
Cleaning this microwave cooker is a tricky task

7. Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker

Highlighted Features
Consists of a set of slotted racks for securing bacon strip in its place
Vertical cooking lets the fat drip away into a deep base
Can cook 12 bacon strips at a time
Rack is dishwasher safe
Easy to load, serve, clean and store
This amazing bacon microwave cooker offers value for your hard-earned money. It can cook you delicious and crisp bacon in minutes. The cooker is user-friendly and is simply to load and cook. It helps you cook tender and healthy bacon. The portions can be easily removed by lifting them with the edge of a knife.

Presto Bacon Cooker can cook up to 12 slices of bacon at a time. One of the greatest advantages of using this cooker is its ergonomic designing. The detachable racks are slotted to that a large number of bacon strips can be accommodated without resulting in any mess.

The best thing about Presto Bacon Cooker is that it is easy to store in the kitchen cabinet. As there are no complex grooves present in the tray, the cooker can be cleaned quickly and easily. The cooker is dishwasher safe and hence cleaning it is not at all an issue.

Consumes very little space during storage
Cooking process is impressively quick
Bacon slices do not stick to the racks
Cooks tender and crunchy slices
Cooked bacon can be easily lifted with a knife’s edge
Paper towel needs to be placed on the bacon strips for preventing grease from splattering on the walls of your microwave
Has a limited cooking capacity of 12 bacon strips

8. Lekue Bacon Microwave Cooker with Lid

Highlighted Features
Cleanest and quickest way to cook up to 6 bacon strips in less than 3 minutes
Consists of deep grooves to drain excess fat away
Integrated drain spout ensures easy pour and removal of grease
Clear lid helps you track the cooking process
The Lekue Bacon Cooker is a quick solution for those who want to cook 6 bacon strips in less than 3 minutes. The design lets the fat from the bacon drain away in no time. The integrated drain spout further assists is easy pouring and removal of grease. The clear transparent lid that comes along helps you track the progress of cooking.

The grooves present on the base ensure that the bacon remains elevated so that the fat can separate and drip down. This lowers the amount of fat consumed with each slice. This cooker can accommodate 6 bacon strips at a time which is enough for small families and couples.

As the cooking time is less, multiple batches of bacon strips can be cooked with Lekue Bacon Cooker for feeding large families. The lid that comes with this bacon cooker prevents fat from splattering in the microwave. The handles are large and hence easy to grab during handling. The cooker has been made from BPA free plastic and hence no chemicals would leach into your food.

Lid prevents splattering and hence minimizes cleanup
Large handles make it easy to manage the cooker
Is dishwasher safe
Made from BPA free plastic
Cooks quickly
Not an ideal option for large families

9. OXO 11185700 Good Grips Bacon Cooker

Highlighted Features
Cooks bacon safely and quickly in the microwave
Adjustable kickstand permits the grease to drain into a reservoir thereby offering you crispier and healthier bacon
Removable silicone cooking surface is easy to clean
Folds flat and allows for compact storage
OXO bacon cooker has been designed from premium materials to offer a product that cooks quick and healthy meals without causing any mess. The OXO Good Grips bacon crisper comes with an adjustable stand that allows the fat to drain into a convenient reservoir.

A detachable lid made from silicone is also offered along this OXO bacon cooker. This prevents the hot grease from splashing in the microwave and also ensures quick cleaning. The unique thing about this bacon cooker is that it folds flat and hence allows compact storage.

Is BPA free
Is dishwasher and microwave safe
Backed by OXO Better Guarantee
Easy to clean by removing the top liner
Multipurpose bacon cooker can be used for making popcorn and for egg recipes as well
The grease leaks and creates a mess

10. Emson Bacon Wave

Highlighted Features
Allows you to cook healthier bacon in no time
28 pieces of bacon can be cooked at a time using this cooker
Cooks bacon strips evenly
Each slice requires a minute to cook entirely
Drip tray catches all the excess fat
Emson Bacon Wave cooker is one of the bestselling bacon cookers. This product is BPA-free and comes with grooved rows. The bacons are inserted in these groves in a horizontal manner. The skewers keep the strips in place but need to be inserted high enough to elevate the slices above the tray.

Bacon Wave can cook up to 14 strips at a time. The best thing about this model is that the grease flows out of the strips while cooking and hence you end up consuming less cholesterol and fat. This cooker is stackable and hence consumes less space in the kitchen during storage.

Emson Bacon Wave cooker is a great choice for those with large families. This stackable cooker can cook 28 slices of bacon at a time. The raised racks hold the bacon and let the grease to drip down into the tray. The racks permit air circulation around the slices of bacon thereby cooking them evenly.

Quick cooking time
Is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe
Cooks bacon evenly
Is stackable and can be stored conveniently
Racks permit air circulation around the bacon strips thereby cooking them evenly
Is costly when compared to other models
Doesn’t come with a lid and hence grease may splatter in the microwave making the entire cooking process messy

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Microwave Bacon Cooker

Having a microwave bacon cooker in your kitchen collection can prove to be handy at times. This can assist you during a house party or while making dinner for family gathering. Who doesn’t prefer a crispy bacon strip? Based on the features and design, we have reviewed ten popular bacon cooker models available in the market right now.

You can go through the detailed review to pick the best bacon cooker for your kitchen. Here are some deciding parameters you need to keep in mind to shortlist a bacon cooker model as per your needs.

The first and foremost thing you need to consider in a bacon cooker is the number of bacon slices that it can cook in a single batch. You need to be aware of your requirements as this category is quite specialized and the models available in the market are standardized. Stackable models help you cook 15-25 strips at a time.

Design ergonomics
This is another aspect that you need to look into while shortlisting a microwave bacon cooker for your kitchen needs. This predominant feature makes you aware of the simplicity in designing and the ease of handling a particular model. For instance, large handles make you manage the microwave bacon cooker easily while moving it in and out from the microwave. Simple designing also helps you clean it in no time.

It is pointless to go for any microwave bacon cooker until and unless you are aware of the dimensions of the model that can easily fit into your microwave. You need to make sure to measure the inner dimensions of your microwave so that you can invest in a perfect fit. Rack-style cookers are usually compact and can fit almost all microwaves. The tray-style can be a problem and you need to first check their length before purchase one.

Drainage design
The main purpose of a bacon cooker is to drain as much fat as possible from the bacon strips. If you are health conscious and want to consume less cholesterol and fat, then you need to go for a design that keeps the bacon strips elevated so that it doesn’t sit in the grease. We noted during our research that rack-style cookers are most efficient in this regard.

With plethora of options available in the market, we just hope that this review will help you in narrowing down your choices while looking for a bacon cooker for your kitchen. Your preferences ultimately help you narrow down the model which would be the best for your kitchen.

It is best to take into account all the vital factors to consider before buying the best microwave bacon cooker for your kitchen needs. You should go for a cooker that offers you tender and healthy bacon at an affordable price and is also dishwasher friendly. This can cut down the amount of time you need to spend in the kitchen.

We recommend you to go for an ergonomic design that would fit into your microwave easily. You should also look into the drainage system and ease of storage especially if you have a compact kitchen. Going for models that can serve multiple purposes can be an added advantage.

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